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Higgins Office and Hotel Development

Support LRA17 December 2021

LRA Plans Group (LRAPG) have received several comments over the proposal to build new offices and a 100 bedroom Travelodge hotel on Langston Road. Many residents question the need for a hotel but most concerns are in connection with the horrendous traffic problems at this junction which have got significantly worse since the retail park opened. One of the solutions put forward by our members is to install a roundabout. This was considered and approved back in 1996 but never implemented. It is noticed the loss of the mini roundabout on the junction of The Broadway and Chigwell Lane has made traffic in that area worse. A new roundabout with part-time traffic lights during peak times would help the current situation at Langston Road but the additional cars from the development will damage the Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation.

Further details on the proposal are on the Higgins consulation website. There is also a downloadable version of the proposal here.

LRAPG will be examining the proposals carefully – please email your comments to applications@loughtonresidents.co.uk

Higgins Development19 November 2021
A big development planned for Chigwell Lane

Higgins Group are putting up a proposal for new offices and a new hotel at 1, Langston Road, next to their existing offices. Earlier this year they got planning permission to convert their existing HQ into 57 new homes – bizarrely, one of the Government’s tweaks to the planning laws let this go through without local Cllrs being able to object, despite the adverse effect the extra residents and their vehicles will inevitably have on the Epping Forest Special Area of Conservation.

Higgins are now bringing forward proposals to redevelop their car park for a new HQ, as well as a new a 100-bed hotel to be operated by Travelodge.

You can see their brochure here. It gives details of a public event at their offices on 1st December, where you can see the plans and give your feedback. There will also be details online from November 30th, and an opportunity to give your views online. Those not online can ask Higgins to send them the documents by post. Note that this is not yet a planning application – in due course the proposals will have to go through the full District Council planning process, including a public consultation.

The LRA Plans Group will be examining the proposals carefully – please let us have your comments to applications@loughtonresidents.co.uk