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Featured News
Election 2022 - Please vote LRA on 5 May

Loughton's Green Spaces - Our town and the Forest is under threat. LRA always defends your amenities and our environment.

EFDC's Local Plan - still hasn't got the Inspector's agreement for soundness. LRA and residents had to fight very hard at the Inquiry to correct Council errors, such as wanting to build on Jessel Green and our last green spaces. It's worrying that District Conservative Cllrs will not accept Loughton is at saturation and the Forest is being damaged even more by ever-dense building in our town.

No high rise and no garden-grabbing - 1021 homes in EFDC's Loughton Plan would have been harmful town cramming and more damage to the fragile Forest. Our town can't take this increase. The Central Line and roads can't cope now - we have traffic congestion and air pollution daily.

Road charging (CAZ) - EFDC Conservatives want to cram our town with extra flats and their cars - they’d further damage the Forest. To 'mitigate' this they plan to charge cars going to Epping or Waltham Abbey. LRA opposes this - we would all drive further to avoid the charging zone costs.

LRA protected the cricket ground - as Fields in Trust. EFDC did not oppose cramming College sites with dense flats. Where will they all park?

LRA has 35 Seats on 3 Councils - We say: Residents and our town first.

Town Council Tax 1.25 a week - With 21 out of 22 seats, LRA Cllrs improved services. Our tax is lower than Epping, Waltham Abbey and Buckhurst Hill.

Essex County Council - Conservative dominated, take 64% of your Council Tax. With Essex Police, Fire & social care costs it's 89%.

Pavements & roads - are a county-wide disgrace. Conservative run Essex County Council has failed over 25 years to repair them. We always chase up faults in our town until repaired.

Parking - If commuters can park free near stations, residents can't find a space near their homes. LRA fights for parking solutions and got the Council to put resident-only controls in 14 roads near Debden Station. We want the displaced parking solved next. LRA strongly supported resident-only parking in Forest Road, Smarts Lane & High Beech Road.

LRA fights to protect our town -Greedy developers try to exploit Government relaxed planning rules by town cramming residents don't want any more urbanisation.

Shops - LRA aims for a balance of shops to keep the High Road and The Broadway vibrant. The Langston Road retail park has jeopardised our existing shops - just see the number of vacant units.

Forest & Green Belt - LRA actively defends both so we can enjoy them and a separation from Buckhurst Hill, Theydon, Chigwell & Chingford.

Buses - LRA Cllr Chris Pond works tirelessly for good bus services including to hospitals. He also advocates 'school streets' for safety.

LRA Represents - past election results show residents want Independent LRA Cllrs to speak for them. EF Council services don't always work, so able and local LRA Cllrs are what you need. Please vote LRA on 5 May.

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