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Featured News
Election 2022 - LRA Candidates

LRA offered great candidates for the 5th May elections.  In summary, residents across our town voted for:

Loughton Ward Candidate % of vote
Alderton LRA Independent 63.7%
Broadway LRA Independent 61.7%
Fairmead LRA Independent 68.3%
Forest LRA Independent 62.2%
Roding Cllr Independent 82.7%
St John's LRA Independent 67.0%
St Mary's LRA Independent 68.3%

Residents trust LRA Independent Councillors to speak for them.  A more detailed picture of all results can be seen here.

LRA is 100% run by volunteers.  But we need many more people to help make LRA sustainable and successful in future.  Please email us or call 020 8508 4457 or 020 8508 2361.

LRA always defends your amenities
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