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Featured News
County Council elections – LRA in the lead

21 May 2021

For some years, LRA Cllr Chris Pond has been leading the small group of Independent Non-aligned Group (the NAG) of Cllrs on the County Council. This numbered 7 in April. Under the Council’s rules, membership of a group of cllrs is essential for Chris and the other Independent Cllrs to be included as members of various Council committees; these are where much of the real work of the Council is done.
As result of the recent elections, the Conservatives retained their majority of seats. However, the new NAG (10 Cllrs) is now larger than the Liberal Democrat group (8 Cllrs) and the Labour group (5 Cllrs); this means that Chris has become Leader of the 'Opposition' on the Council. Coincidentally, it came 40 years to the day since Howard Kleyn took his seat at Chelmsford as the first LRA Cllr.
Chris commented that NAG’s members hold a wide range of views, but are united as champions of localism, and opponents of any political party dogma that might adversely affect residents. Chris stressed that the new situation in no way restricts him in acting, as he as always done, to look after Loughton’s interests. He will continue to oppose the Conservative administration when they get things wrong, and to support them when they get matters right.