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About LRA
LRA Executive Committee and Councillors

LRA is run by a group of local residents who enjoy contributing to the quality of life in Loughton. We are always on the lookout for like-minded people, so if you would like to help, please contact us.

Note: – emails to contact@loughtonresidents.co.uk will be forwarded to the relevant person.

Secretary Jill Angold-Stephens 
Minutes Secretary Susan Creevy
Treasurer Miriam Murphy 
Membership Secretary Laura Blake 
Loughton Life Editor Eva Blasco
Website and LRA’s Loughton News emails Steve Eaton 
Liaison Committee Jill Angold-StephensMichael Benbow, Caroline Pond, Chris Pond and David Wixley.
The Liaison Committee is responsible for setting the agendas for Executive Committee meetings
and for the running of the Association between meetings of the Executive Committee.
Committee members Ian Allgood
Michael Benbow 
Tessa Cochrane 
Mark Dalton
Anne Harriman http://www.loughtonresidents.co.uk/images/envelope.gif
Lance Leonard
Juliet Pollard http://www.loughtonresidents.co.uk/images/envelope.gif
John Walker Email
Judith Walker Email


COUNTY: Loughton Central (map)
Chris Pond Staples Road Email 020 8508 2361
Note: As a result of the 2024 Local Elections, LRA Cllrs for some wards are changing. We'll update this list soon.
Chidi Nweke (District Cllr) Hillcroft 07403 489 455 David Wixley (District Cllr) Goldings Road 020 8418 9284
Ian Allgood (District Cllr) Greensted Road 020 8502 2393 Louise Mead (District Cllr) 07746 875 952
Philip Abraham (Town Cllr) Lancaster Drive 020 8502 2925 Carol Davies (Town Cllr) Colebrook Gardens 07817 230 372
Mick Stubbings (Town Cllr) Greenfields 07766 480 522 Sebastian Fontenelle (Town Cllr) Etheridge Road 07898 906 371
Katie Valentine (Town Cllr) Habgood Road 07477 012 213 Will Kauffman (Town Cllr) The Greens Close 07799 148 740
Michael Owen (District Cllr) Baldwins Hill 07467 430 145 Roger Baldwin (District Cllr) Burney Drive 020 8281 5488
Chris Pond (District Cllr) Staples Road 020 8508 2361 Jayna Jogia (District Cllr) The Drive 07983 713 389
Philip Beales (Town Cllr) Harwater Drive 020 8418 0459 Trevor Downing (Town Cllr) Smarts Lane 020 8508 8877
Les House (Town Cllr) Avondale Drive 020 8508 3369 Stella Murphy (Town Cllr) High View Close 020 8508 2794
Kevin Rainbow (Town Cllr) Audley Gardens 07921 662 715 Jon Riley (Town Cllr) Albion Park 020 8508 6604
Rose Brookes (District and Town Cllr) Lower Park Road 07391 879 412  Caroline Pond (District and Town Cllr) Staples Road 020 8508 2361
Neil MacKinnon (Town Cllr) Barncroft Close  07872 324 028 Bob Jennings (District Cllr)
David Wixley (Town Cllr) Goldings Road 020 8418 9284 Michael Owen (Town Cllr) Baldwins Hill 07467 430 145
Chris Pond (Town Cllr) Staples Road 020 8508 2361
Judy Jennings (District and Town Cllr)
Howard Kauffman (District Cllr) Church Lane 020 8508 1098
Barbara Cohen (Town Cllr) Church Lane  07957 141 197
Graham Wiskin (Town Cllr) Traps Hill 020 8925 2003

If you're not sure who to contact, then send an email here.

Which is your ward?

Find your ward - Use the Ordnance Survey maps

Over the years, LRA has had many people as Councillors and Executive Committee Members. Here they are