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Constitution Changes (2021)

Every  so  often  we  need  to  tidy up the  wording  to  bring  it into  line  with  how we  are actually doing  things.  Proposed changes are to  allow  LRA’s  Treasurer  to pay  invoices by Business  Internet  Banking  and  by  Telephone  Banking, subject to suitable safeguards.

The changes proposed are:

Section 9, Clause v
This is replaced with:

v. There shall be three signatories presented to the bank and the building society from among the members of the Executive Committee.  If any of these posts falls vacant or an Officer declines to act as signatory, the Executive Committee shall at their next meeting nominate a replacement signatory from among their number.  All cheques must be signed by at least one signatory. 

Section 9, Clause xii
This is replaced with:

xii. The power is granted to open, close, manage and control all bank accounts of the Society and its clubs and associations, including access to Business Internet and Telephone Banking (BIB/TB) for said accounts, accepting that the Primary User will have sole access to all accounts and be able to make payments via Business Internet Banking (BIB) and via Telephone Banking (TB). Proper safeguards will be in place. The other signatories will check payments out of the account on a monthly basis. In addition if payments are made by Telephone Banking (TB) or Business Internet Banking (BIB), the Primary User will email the other signatories notifying them of the payment.

These will be considered at a forthcoming Special General Meeting, to be held online:

Wednesday July 28th 2021

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