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The Loughton Residents Association (LRA) is an independent group of people who want to make Loughton an even better place to live and work. LRA represents a wide range of ideas and concerns. We seek out the views of people in the community and ensure that their voices are heard. LRA makes great efforts to provide a public arena for the residents who care about Loughton.

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Elections: LRA successes!

Once again, the recent elections to Epping Forest District Council proved to be a tremendous success for LRA; our local candidates gained significant majorities in all 7 seats we stood in (in Roding ward we didn't oppose Independent Cllr Stephen Murray).

A full list of LRA’s current Cllrs can be found here 

Many Thanks to all who voted LRA
Policing Loughton

Although the police station is no longer open to the public, the local community policing team is based there 24 hour a day, 7 days a week and handles 999 emergency calls and 101 calls. This team then deals with local investigations and lower graded crimes, such as common assaults. The CID criminal investigation team, also based in Loughton, also operates on a 24/7 basis and covers more serious crimes, such as burglaries and serious assaults.

Officers from the community police team will soon be allocated to their own beat areas. The officers will be making contact in the areas they have been assigned, and additional “pop up” meeting locations such as “coffee with cops” will be happening across the district.

Loughton Police Station
Oaklands School, Albion Hill

Work is starting on a new car-park and drop-off / pick-up point, off Warren Hill. We hope that from September this will reduce the problems caused by inconsiderate parents in the roads surrounding the school.
The Broadway

LRA Cllrs have joined traders in protesting about the District Council rent increases for shops in The Broadway, which have suffered poor footfall – and poor trading - because of the months of roadworks. The effect will be to drive some small shopkeepers out of business. At the same time, the Council has encouraged competing retailers onto the Langston Road retail park on generous terms.
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