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Roding Valley recreation ground

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Motorbikes on the Roding Valley Meadows and elsewhere: LRA Cllr Leon Girling recently reported a motorbike on the Willingale playing field. As the weather improves we get more reports of thoughtless youngsters on motorbikes on the Nature Reserve and other green spaces, where they shouldn’t be. The police do their best to deal with the problem (often a quiet word is enough, but bikes can be confiscated from repeat offenders!). Please ring 101 if you see this happening (a licence number and brief description is a great help, and even if nothing can be done at the time, it will go into the police intelligence system and may help later).

Roding Valley Recreation Ground Tennis Courts. If you use the courts, please report to the police (dial 101) any-one you see climbing over, or damaging, the locked fence surrounding the all-weather running track. Any “lost” tennis balls will be put in the container (made from tennis netting) on the courts bordering the track (the Park Wardens access the track each morning and place any lost tennis balls into the containers). More (item 5.3.1)

Roding Valley Lake. As part of a partnership project with the District Council, the Environment Agency has restocked the lake with bream. More

Roding Valley Recreation Ground. At a recent meeting of the Loughton Town Council recreation Committee it was reported that

  • bank erosion on the river Roding. This is giving rise to concerns, and ideas were being considered for inclusion in the Roding Action Plan, a project led by the Environment Agency’s consultants
  • Charlie Moules Bridge: options are being considered for repairs and improvements
  • new activities on the tennis courts during the summer holidays (to include athletics and tennis coaching): discussions are being held with the Sports Development Officer at Epping Forest District Council
  • plans for a range of community events in the Town in 2013: LRA Cllr Girling reported on discussions with the Community Development Officer, Epping Forest District Council, Luke Lowrie (Grosvenor Hall) and the Town Clerk. Possible locations for these events include the Greens in the Debden Estate, where it was hoped to encourage greater community use.

Vandalism on the tennis courts – again! We are delighted that the new courts are so popular. However, we are very disappointed that Town Council tax-payers money will have to be spent to replace three nets, destroyed by vandals. If you see any suspicious behaviour on the Roding Valley Recreation Ground, please ring 999 (if vandalism is taking place) or 101 to report an incident that’s over.

New Junior Football Pitches & mini-pitches now available on the Roding Valley Recreation Ground: contact Terry Hudson (Loughton Town Council; 020 8508 4200).

Fishing Club at Roding Valley Lake. A new fishing licence is now operating at Epping Forest District Council’s Roding Valley Lake. The club hopes to get funding for new platforms (or ‘swims’) which will be friendlier to disabled people than the current platform, which is probably too high for wheelchair users and may cost too much to modify, although that has not been ruled out.

Tennis Courts Refurbishment. Following the recent vandalism, the contractor has undertaken to reinstate the damaged fencing at no cost to the Town Council. The Council will replace the damaged basketball hoops with a sturdier design

Loughton Town Council is looking into ways of dealing with

  • reported problems of nuisance and potentially dangerous dogs and the increase in dog fouling on the Recreation Ground and other open spaces across the town
  • unauthorised use of the Recreation Ground and its various facilities by an increasing number of groups (both business and community organisations) for regular coaching/training sessions without permission from the Town Council; problems experienced included additional wear and tear on the football pitches, the blocking of emergency access gates and inconsiderate parking in neighbouring residential roads.

Outdoor Gym
Loughton Town Council (LRA-led) has set up an outdoor gym at the end of Roding Road, LRA Cllr Suzanne Harper (who chairs the Town Council's Recreation Committee), said: "The gym appeals to all age groups and those who would not normally go to an indoor gym. We see it as a great way to promote health and fitness for everyone, free".

The cost of this new facility has been met by the Town Council and by grants from the Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund) and Essex County Council's West Area Forum. The Town Council hopes to run introductory sessions in from time to time; it also hopes to provide a similar facility on the Willingale Road playing fields in due course.

Other recreational facilities.

The outdoor gym forms part of the Town Council’s forward plans to improve the facilities at the Roding Valley Recreation Ground. The tennis courts have been resurfaced, and internal fencing provided so you no longer have to chase after missed balls, and a multi sports court (5 a side and basket-ball) has been added.

The works on the courts are nearing completion with only the installation of the cricket wicket, signage and the repainting of the playing lines outstanding. Officers are working to secure funding through various sports organisations for free training sessions during the Easter school holidays. See pictures

A “teen shelter” was installed in 2006, and the children’s play area was refurbished in 2007. An additional park warden employed from June 2010 to improve maintenance of the area and provide reassurance for users.

The Council’s next project, currently in the planning stages, is to improve the football changing rooms and car park area to provide a community café and toilet – they are keen to encourage more people to use this wonderful amenity, but without spoiling the quiet nature of the area.

Dogs on Roding Valley Recreation Ground
A campaign has been launched for dogs to be kept on leash near a children’s football club in the wake of an attack in which a six-year-old was mauled by a bull terrier. Members of Shiners FC, based in the park, say that they often arrive on Saturday mornings to find the pitch covered in dog mess.