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Featured News

We feature selected news here, that is important to Loughton and LRA.

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Broadway Area Parking Review Phase 2
Updated 5 March 2019

The District Council will make the final decisions on parking restrictions. However, LRA understands that the scheme will NOT go ahead in the form published last October. Before anything more is done on introducing a Controlled Parking Zone, NEPP officers will conduct a safety audit of road junctions, bus routes, schools etc to identify where safety restrictions are needed. LRA argues that permits should be used only where life for residents is made very difficult by commuters. No further information is available at present. When we know more, we’ll let residents know on social media & markets. More
Epping Forest College to sell off land
Updated 12 January 2019

We understand the College are selling off for housing two sites the site of the former College buildings (west of the current College building) and Lucton’s field (opposite the College). More
All night street-lights
Updated 12 January 2019

The District Council have negotiated with the County Council to allow individual town or parish councils to opt to have street-lights on all night – but paid for by local Council taxpayers. More
Jessel GreenNew District Local Plan
Updated 8 December 2018

Epping Forest District Council has now submitted its Local Plan for Examination. The Inspector has produced a timetable and document, including a set of questions. for hearings in 2019. More

Crime in Loughton
Updated 25 September 2018

Recently, residents have become increasingly concerned about crime, particularly crime by youths (and on youths). Marion Barclay arranged two public meetings at Loughton Club, ably chaired by Independent Cllr Stephen Murray, which were very well-attended by residents and by LRA Cllrs, and where residents could raise specific issues and the police could explain what they were doing.  More
Road ClosedAlderton Hill Closure
Updated 29 July 2018

Alderton Hill will be closed from the Roding Road to the mini-roundabout by Loughton station for around 5 weeks from end-July! This will cause traffic chaos. The road is being closed this summer – and in summer 2019 – to replace the road bridge across the brook. More

Many Thanks to all who voted LRADistrict Council Elections on 3rd May
Updated 4 May 2018

Elections for the Epping Forest District Council were held on Thursday 3 May 2018. We are delighted that LRA’s candidates for the Epping Forest District Council were all re-elected.

Please Vote LRAVote LRA on 3rd May
Updated 4 April 2018

We want to continue our work for Loughton so please vote for us this year, so we can keep helping us to help you! The positive impact LRA continues to have on Loughton is undeniable – we strive to keep Loughton a good place to live in.


Resident ParkingBroadway Area Parking Review
Updated 29 January 2018

LRA is pressing for Phase 2 of the parking scheme to go ahead asap, looking at the parking in roads within about 15 minutes’ walk of Debden station, and for action by the District Council to free up parking for Broadway shoppers, currently clogged up by commuters More
Resident ParkingForest Road/Smarts Lane Area Parking Review
Updated 29 January 2018

Residents’ parking is now in operation. Without warning, NEPP has launched a 6-month temporary parking waiver (at 245) for businesses – We are watching whether the temporary parking waivers for businesses affects parking for residents. More
Road WorksLangston Road Retail Park Development
Updated 29 January 2018

The Conservative-led District Council has failed on its promises to attract predominantly fashion-led shops to the retail park, and has still not managed to fill all the units. While many residents welcome the wide range of outlets, there are signs that trade on The Broadway (where the shops are also owned by the Council) is being adversely affected.
There are signs that the District Council is finally starting to see sense on funding a bus service to the new shops, which LRA has been pressing for since the start of the project

The Chigwell Lane roadworks dragged on far longer than originally promised; the traffic lights still need adjusting to match the traffic-flow, and more railings are needed at the Borders Lane junction. 

LRA's Farmer's MarketsLRA’s Farmers markets - changes to second Sundays!
Updated 10 December 2017

We're very sorry our suppliers, Essex Farmers Markets, had to cancel the market on 10 December – we were looking forward to seeing residents & visitors, and to carols from some of the Roding Players.

The next regular High Road market will be on Sunday January 14th. 
LRA in the News - Commuter parking causing problems
Updated 23 November 2017

Read about LRA in the local press. Courtesy Epping Forest Guardian
LRA in the News - Looking out for Loughton
Updated 9 November 2017

Read about LRA in the local press. Courtesy Epping Forest Guardian
Luxe 2017LuXe, 126 High Road
Updated 14 October 2017

The leaseholders have converted the premises to a gastro-pub.  More
Chris PondElections 2017 - Thank you for voting for Chris Pond's re-election
Updated 6 May 2017
To everyone in St John’s, St Mary’s, Alderton and Fairmead wards, thank you for voting for LRA’s Chris Pond in the County Council election on Thursday May 4th. More
Resident ParkingKings Green Area Parking Review
Updated 19 March 2017

One of the residents of this row of cottages asked LRA Cllr Chris Pond whether anything could be done about their parking problems. Unusually, this is a small area and residents were prepared to make a unanimous request to NEPP (things are rarely this simple!) More

Nu-Bar,  High Road/Old Station Road
Updated 19 March 2017

A District Council Licensing Sub-committee met on recently – you can see the agenda papers and background documents.

A new licence was granted, following an agreement between Greene King, the Premises Licence Holders, and the Police. This followed a Review of the Licence in May 2016 and closure of the premises by the police in February 2017 because of multiple breakings of the conditions of the licence. More
Council Tax 2017-18
Updated 5 February 2017

Here's what is happenuing with the Council Tax you pay, from April 2017.

LRA's Christmas QuizLRA's 2016 Christmas Quiz
Updated 9 January 2017

What a clever lot you are! The sender of the first all-correct answer out of the hat has chosen a bottle of fizz.

More and the answers
167 Bus Front167 Bus Route
Updated 19 March 2017

Bus route 167 has been cut short at Loughton Station from 11 March.

The people who are responsible for this are the County Council’s (Conservative) Cabinet member, Harlow Cllr Eddie Johnson (as Essex withdrew their subsidy), and the Director of Surface Transport at TfL, Leon Daniels (as TFL decided to claw back the lost subsidy by curtailing the route).


LRA's Christmas QuizLRA's 2016 Christmas Quiz
Updated 28 November 2016

There’s been a lot of focus on Europe this year, so the LRA Christmas quiz is following the trend, and is featuring European towns and cities. 

Try our quiz. There's a book token or fizz to the first correct answer out of the hat. More

LuXeLuXe, 126 High Road
Updated 25 September 2016
The District Council Planning Committee met on September 21st and considered a planning application on behalf of the freeholders to demolish the current building and replace it with 3 floors of flats and a restaurant on the ground floor and basement.

The committee unanimously rejected (except for 5 abstentions) the application because of the bulk of the proposed replacement building and because it would mean the demolition of an (undesignated) heritage asset. More
Oaklands School, Albion Hill
Updated 21 July 2016
Oaklands School, Albion Hill have appealed against the District Council’s rejection of their recent planning application. The school applied for 30 more pupil places and a car-park and drop-off area on land off Warren Hill. More

Royal Mail Sorting Office siteRoyal Mail Sorting Office site, High Road
Updated 21 July 2016
There is a proposal to redevelop the site as 30 flats with 24 off-road parking spaces. More
LuxeNu-Bar & LuXe
Updated 30 May 2016
LRA has long argued for midnight closing for all licensed premises in residential areas, and for changes which would end Loughton being a late-night venue for people from all over London & Essex. It’s now possible that things may be moving in the right direction!
Nu-Bar’s licence now requires them to stop selling alcohol at midnight, with a half-hour drinking-up time (so 12.30am closing time), plus various conditions on how the premises should be operated. They have accepted this, and have re-opened. More

Please Vote LRA2016 Election
Updated 7 May 2016
Elections for the Epping Forest District Council and the Loughton Town Council were held on Thursday 5 May 2016. We are delighted that LRA’s candidates for the Epping Forest District Council and Loughton Town Council were successfully elected in all 28 of the seats we stood in.

We are very grateful to those who stood as candidates, to those who worked so hard to support them, and to all those who voted for us!

Our Independent non-political Cllrs promise to continue to work on behalf of all Loughton’s residents.
Results and details of our candidates.

Ken Angold-Stephens LRA Cllr Ken Angold-Stephens
Updated 10 April 2016
We are very sorry to tell you that one of our most active and long-standing Cllrs, Ken Angold-Stephens, has died, after a period of serious illness. As well as his council involvement, Ken has been heavily involved in helping to run LRA.

Ken had served as one of LRA’s Roding ward councillors at both the District and Town Councils, and as a Governor at Staples Road school, from 2004. He was Loughton Mayor (2009-10) and Epping Forest District Council Chairman (2011-12).

Luctons FieldLucton’s field, Borders Lane

Updated 24 February 2016

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